With the publication of RDL 6/2022 (BOE 30.3.2022), the Spanish government has launched a NATIONAL PLAN FOR RESPONSE TO THE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES OF THE WAR IN UKRAINE. Among other things, the National Plan includes in its article 6 the acceleration of the environmental processing of renewable projects for plants with:

– Installed power less than 150 MW

– Connection lines with a length of less than 15 km

– Location outside the Natura 2000 Network and in areas of low and moderate sensitivity according to MITECO’s environmental zoning.

This procedure will apply to projects that submit a request for administrative authorization before December 31, 2024.

Article 7 establishes a simplified procedure for the authorization of renewable facilities that are the responsibility of MITECO. Projects that have obtained the favorable environmental condition determination report and their promoters always request to benefit from this simplified authorization procedure before December 31, 2024 are declared urgent.

Article 8 of the RD-law releases 10% of capacity reserved for tenders in high voltage nodes to allow the granting of access to self-consumption.